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Frequently Asked Questions

“We understand you might have some questions about our product and how it works, we’ve listed below the questions that we regularly receive from our customers along with our answers, but if you have a different question that you don’t see below then please feel free to contact us at info@nimblebabies.com, we’ll come back to you with an answer as soon as we can and will then add your question to our list below!”

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Yes, we use only plant-based cleaning ingredients and we have taken out SLES, dyes and fragrances which are known to be harsh for babies.

It’s been clinically tested too and has been proven to be as mild as water.

One bottle can last up to 2 months of regular use. Great value for money, isn’t it?

It is sulfate-free just like your baby shampoo or bath liquid.
It is specially developed to detach milk fat & proteins, unlike regular products that are developed for food grease.

It also contains a special odour absorbing ingredient that gets rid of milk odour, not just masking it with fragrances.

If only you can, then we’d recommend it! But unfortunately, water alone isn’t enough to clean your baby bottles.

You need a cleaning product like Nimble Milk Buster to detach the milk fat & proteins from the plastic so the bottles will be free from unwanted milk residues.

A lot of mums think it is! But we’re afraid to say that sterilising alone isn’t enough to clean your baby bottles. Sterilising only kills the bugs and germs. They can grow back fast when milk residues are still around.

You will need a cleaning product like Nimble Milk Buster to get rid of the bacteria-causing milk residues.

Read more about this topic on our blog.

It is best to wash the bottles straight after your baby finishes drinking from it. But we know this isn’t always possible! Simply use Nimble  Milk Buster to get rid of milk residues.

Just add a little warm water into the bottle, spray Nimble Milk Buster twice, brush and rinse thoroughly.

Yes, Nimble Milk Buster works on all types of milk.

You can also use it on other things like your baby’s dishes and utensils.

Unlike your regular washing-up liquids smothered with fragrances, Nimble Milk Buster does not contain any chemical fragrances. So what you smell is the natural aroma of its plant-based cleaning ingredients.