Best Baby Bottles

Who knew that choosing the best baby bottle for your little one can be quite overwhelming and confusing with so many shapes, materials, and special functions each brand is offering. Rather than giving you the basics on baby bottles which are already widely written about, we thought that we’d come up with the best baby bottles which we think would meet the different criteria or categories that parents use when searching for the right baby bottles for their little ones.

Best baby bottle brands based on sales

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Based on market research reports on the bottle feeding market, the most bought baby bottle brand in the UK is Tommee Tippee with 65% of all mums using one, followed closely by Philips Avent with 48%, and Dr. Browns with 11%.

There are other known brands like Mam, Medela, Nuby and NUK but only less than 10% of mums use them. It’s not to say that they are not as good as the Top 3, the stats are just saying that less UK mums use them maybe because they are not as widely available in the shops.

Best baby bottles that mimic the breast

We understand that babies will naturally latch on to bottles that are most familiar and closest to how breasts feel so we came up with the best baby bottles in the UK that best mimic the breast to help your babies have the nutrition they need, whether they are primarily breast-fed or formula-fed:

The Haberman Suckle Feeder is designed to reduce nipple-teat confusion for your breast fed baby as he needs to apply pressure with his jaw to release the milk. It feeds from the teat, not the bottle, just like a breast. So baby can feed in a more natural position and the feed is delivered by suckling on the teat not just flowing under gravity as in vented bottles.

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Medela Calma Solitaire allows your baby to suck, swallow and breathe just as they learned on the breast. Your baby can drink, pause and breathe in a natural rhythm, remaining calm and settled, just like on the breast. Your baby needs to create a vacuum to start the milk flow, just like they do while breastfeeding. They can maintain their natural sucking behaviour, allowing an easy transition from breast to Calma and back to breast again.

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Munchkin Latch has a unique accordion teat that moves and functions most like the breast, helping ease baby’s transition from breast to bottle and back. The LATCH teat stretches, moves and pumps, so baby can LATCH and feed just like on your breast.

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Best baby bottles for travelling

We understand that your babies will feed anywhere they want so we came up with the best baby bottles suitable for travelling so you have more options and feel less stressed with all the things you have to carry with you when you are out and about:

The Playtex Nurser with Drop-in Liners is convenient for formula feeding as it comes with pre-sterilized disposable liners. The liners collapse like the breast to help prevent air from mixing with the milk and entering baby’s tummy. This means less gas and less discomfort for baby. These liners can be disposed so there is less time spent washing and sterilising the bottles.

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Mam Self-Sterilising Bottles are great when you are out and about. There is no need to bring your sterilising machines or sterilising fluids as these bottles can self-sterilise in 3 minutes in the microwave, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

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Mixie Baby Bottles are great when you are on the go. The formula goes in the little compartment and the water goes in the bottle. At the first cry, just push the button, shake and blend. It’s simple, yet really quite genius.

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Looking after these baby bottles

One thing to note is that these baby bottles would eventually go cloudy and smelling of old milk over time and as much as 80% of mums have experienced this problem. It is not anyone’s fault, it is just simply because of milk fat and proteins clinging on to plastic even after repeated washing with a regular washing-up liquid. Check out our blog on How to Safely Clean Your Baby Bottles using Nimble Babies Milk Buster to learn some hacks on baby bottle care.

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