Easy Parenting Sustainable Swaps for 2022

Easy Parenting Sustainable Swaps for 2022

The new year is fast approaching and here at Nimble HQ we’re looking ahead to another busy year! Like many of you, we’re also making a few new year’s resolutions too, to help keep us on a greener path for 2022. Nimble has always been eco-conscious as a brand, and as a team we’re always learner about better and more sustainable ways to live. So with this in mind, this week we thought we’d share our favourite easy sustainable swaps you can make for 2022. Let’s make the new year greener than ever!

Your toothbrush

Swap the plastic disposable brushes for a more sustainable alternative and we promise you’ll never look back. It’s recommended that we change our toothbrush at least every 3-4 months, so icy chasing either bamboo or a reusable toothbrush in 2022, you could help to seriously reduce the amount of plastic we send to landfill each year.

A cool brand that you could use for grown ups and bambino is @bambooclub, environmentally friendly and they offer a subscription to avoid having to remember to change your toothbrush!



Your shampoo and shower gel

Shampoo and shower gels come packaged in plastic bottles, and they rarely tend to last very long either. Each time you replace these shower ‘essentials’ you’re adding to the plastic problem we have. The answer? Swap to bars instead. Not only will a good bar of soap last a lot longer, but it will be considerably cheaper (and greener!) Too. Win win!


Your water bottle/ coffee cup

Just in case there are some of you still buying disposable bottled water and take away coffee in those horrible plastic-coated cups… this year invest in a reusable version instead. Such an easy swap!

A good keepcup is always a good idea, isn’t it? And we knoe parents need a good cup of coffee to gear up for adventures everyday!



Cleaning products

All of our products here at Nimble are made using baby friendly natural ingredients, so if you haven’t made the swap yet, now’s the time to do it! We proudly make our cleaning goodies here in the UK to lower our impact on our planet and using ingredients derived from plants, so that cleaning doesn’t have to be so messy!

Have a look at our plant-based cleaning goodies here



Baby wipes

These days there are lots of eco-friendly options when it comes to baby wipes, and you can also opt for reusable wipes too. There’s no room for disposable, plastic-based wipes in 2022!

We love the reusable baby wipes from Kit and Kin: hypoallergenic, plant-based, super absorbent, way to go! reusable baby wipes – Kit & Kin (kitandkin.com)


Plastic straws

Does anyone even use these anymore? We’ve added this one just incase… Opt for bamboo, metal or silicone reusable straws instead.

Local Shops

Shop local in 2022! Chances are, the products you’re buying have used less energy to get on to the shelves, you’re using less energy to get there AND you’re supporting small businesses too.

Eat Seasonal Food

Ever heard the phrase ‘eat the seasons’? Why not give it a whirl in 2022? Eating fresh, locally grown produce is a great swap to make.

Please let us know if you’re making Veganuary next month, we mayyy have some surprises for you

Second-hand Clothes

Ask any parent and they will tell you- kids grow out of their clothes so quickly! A great new year’s resolution is to make the swap from expensive high street items to second hand instead. Give clothes a new lease of life, reduce the amount of clothing waste while you’re at it!

One of our personal fav is @wearedotte, give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Reusable Nappies

There's a big debate on this question. We won't lie, things can get messy when you're switching to reusable cloth nappies. But when one knows that an estimated three billion nappies are thrown away every year in the UK, it really can make a difference to our planet to make this eco-friendly switch! Our small tip would be to organise your schedule and make sure to run your cloth nappies washes separately.

We created our Nappy Lover non bio washing powder specially for it, and if you have any questions please do feel free to drop us a message anytime at hello@nimblebabies.com

Always happy to help!


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