We're on TV!

We've just released our first EVER TV ad. Yep that's right, we're on TV!   

If you'd told us a year ago that we would have gone live on TV for back to the nursery, we don't think we would have believed you... but here we are!

We are so thrilled to share it with you and come to your home very soon! Our TV ad will be airing from 1st until 30th September 2021 through Sky AdSmart in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled :)

So what's Nimble's TV Ad about?

The ad is part of our brand campaign called "see yourself through your child's eyes," We invite people to remind us of an essential truth: 'all that matters is what your child thinks'.

Speaking to our beautiful community of parents confirmed our feelings that mums and dads are faced with a lot of external pressure from society when it comes to parenting. This impossible battle to become the so-called 'perfect parent' is made up of false images, especially on social media.

We wanted to show here what real parenting is: it's all about living your daily lives, surrounding your little one with love and enjoying every moment, especially the messy ones. Because in your child's eyes, you will always be their number one. 

In the words of our very own chief inventor Von, "we wanted to let mums and dads know they're not alone in this hard and crazy journey that is parenthood. It's important to know it's okay when things don't go smoothly; they rarely ever do. We want to remind them to enjoy it, even in the messy moments, because this is when their babies develop and learn the most – if life isn't perfectly tidy, it's okay – no doubt the happiest memories are being made! And, for those moments, Nimble is here to provide super safe yet highly effective cleaning solutions, and we're extremely proud of that."

How did we do our Nimble TV ad? 

Co-created with the amazing help of our friends from Make us Care, we wanted to show what real parenting is. So we gave our cameras to real families and let them film their own daily lives. The footage is 100% real parenting and filmed by actual families. And it truly shows the world through a child’s eyes.

Can you relate?

We'd love to hear all about your perfect messy moments and real parenting in comments.

We hope you like our first campaign, 

Team Nimble xx

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