How Often Should I Change the Beds?

How Often Should I Change the Beds?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into freshly washed sheets and snuggling under a crisp, clean duvet after a long day. Ahhhh! But the truth of it is, changing the beds is one of those tasks that always starts with good intentions but often ends up being a dreaded chore. So, how often should you change the beds, and how can we make it feel less like hard work? 

The short answer: it's up to you

Ok, so this probably isn’t the answer you were looking for, but in short, it really is up to you. Some people like to change once a week as part of their weekly cleaning routine, and others want to do it every other week. Some will change the beds less frequently- and it all depends on your routine, your preferences and your cleaning workload. There is, however, a long answer too…

The long answer: it depends

Many factors come into play regarding how often you should change the beds, and when you have kids, some of them are pretty obvious. Bedwetting, illnesses, spilt food or drink in the bed… these all warrant immediate changes- and yes, we hear you: we said no food in the bedrooms too!

Aside from the above, there are other things to take into consideration too:

  • Allergies. Changing the beds often can help reduce symptoms of allergies because when you change the sheets, you’re ridding them of skin cells that those pesky bed bugs just love to dine on. Change the beds often to keep allergies at bay.

  • Pets. If you have cats or dogs that love to sleep on your bed, you’ll need to change your sheets more often. It’s a good idea to brush the covers down regularly too to remove hairs.

  • Sweat. Sweating during sleep is very common, but it does mean that bacteria can build up on your sheets, so having a more frequent changing routine is a good idea. 

All of the above in mind, we recommend you change your beds every one to two weeks, and studies recommended that you invest in a new mattress every seven years too. Moving on to tips for making bed changing a breeze…

Top bed changing tips

Have you ever gotten caught inside a duvet cover trying to get it back over the quilt? We've all been there. Changing beds can be time consuming and exhausting! But it's a job that needs to be done, so let's do it properly. Here are our tips for making it a little more manageable:

  • Do it room by room. Change one bed each day to break down the task into more manageable chunks. This way, it only takes around ten minutes per day, rather than what seems like all day, to change every bed!

  • Re-make the bed as soon as you strip it. There’s nothing worse than everyone ready for bed and realising you need to dig out sheets and pillowcases because the beds aren’t made.

  • Store bedding sets together for easy access. We recommend keeping a sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases inside the matching pillow case for the set so that you can grab and go.

  • Keep an extra set of kids bedding on hand in case of emergencies. If your little one has a middle of the night accident, having a kit ready to go will help settle them back a lot more quickly. It’s a good idea to invest in sheets with waterproof backing for this reason too.

Cleaning tips

  • Hoover the mattress once you’ve removed the sheets, and wipe down the bed frame and headboard.
  • Flip your mattress regularly.
  • Move the bed out so that you can vacuum around and behind.
  • Use our Laundry Lover to thoroughly clean sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.
  • Follow up with the Cuddle Lover for a super soft, gorgeous smelling finish. 
  • Add a reminder on your phone to schedule in the next change!

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