Is my baby ready for weaning?

Is my baby ready for weaning?

Time to start weaning! Or is it? Many parents find this new and exciting milestone in their baby’s life confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Read on to find out our top tips for spotting the signs that your baby is ready for solid foods.

Is my baby ready for weaning?

The NHS recommends that babies consume only milk (either breast or formula— both are great!) until around six months. Every baby is different, unique and very special, so the exact age your baby is ready for weaning might not be the same as another’s. The six-month guide is precisely that— a guide.

So, be on the lookout for signs that your baby might be ready! The following signs are often an indication that your baby is ready for solid food:

  • They are able to sit upright without help, holding their head steady

  • They can pick up food independently

  • They can chew and swallow food (not spitting everything out). Although, we can’t guarantee everything will be yummy to them, so expect spitting out at some point!

You might also notice your baby becoming more interested in food, as they start to watch you eat- and they may even try to take your food from your plate!

Read this NHS article for more information, and to learn about the signs which are often mistaken as signs of readiness.

Now if you think your baby is ready for solid foods, then let’s go!

Am I ready for baby to start weaning?

So you’re pretty sure that it’s time to start introducing solid foods… are you sure you’re ready for this?! Of course you are.

There are a few practical things that will make weaning a lot easier, including: 

  • A safe space for your baby to eat— a highchair or a booster chair at the table so that they can eat comfortably

  • Bibs

  • Soft weaning meal set and utensils

  • A messy mat or covering for the floor

  • Small plastic tubs for storing cooked foods

But it’s not just practical preparations that you need to make. Are you ready emotionally?! Watching your baby try solid foods for the first time can be a huge deal. Get a camera ready!

It’s also an excellent idea to prepare yourself for the mess, because yes, there will be plenty. But that’s where Nimble come in. We’re on your side for the messy moments! We also recommend stocking up on:

  • A bottle of our Sticky Stopper antibacterial spray to ensure baby’s eating surface is clean and safe for exploring new foods. This clever spray is powered by plant-based ingredients and is 100% safe to use around your baby. It will kill up to 99.9% of germs and remove residue from food, juice, milk and more! Use it on your baby’s highchair tray (or place at the table), toys, plastic bibs, cutlery, or anything they get their hands on!

  • A bottle of our Laundry Lover non-bio liquid detergent to wash bibs, clothes, and other fabrics your little one touches after mealtimes (or food gets on during!)

  • A bottle of our Cuddle Lover fabric conditioner to keep fabric, bibs, and clothes super soft, smelling fresh, and ready for the next meal.

  • A bottle of our Milk Buster bottle cleaner to use on cups, bottles, and bowls to prepare them for the next use. This unique spray removes residue that can build up and leaves everything sparkling clean and safe for use with our patented plant power formula.

OK, I've got everything I need. Now what?

We’re not about to start suggesting you spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals for your baby (unless you want to, of course) because - and we’re not sure if anyone has told you this already - most of what you give your baby is going to end up on the floor. Sorry! That’s what the bibs and floor coverings are for!

The first meals are about exploring tastes and textures, eating together as a family, and learning new skills. Your baby will still get most of their nutrition from milk for a while. This process is all about trying new foods (slowly) and allowing your baby to develop their palate.

The NHS has some great advice on how to introduce new foods and ideas on the best first foods to try.

The last thing we’d like to say is to enjoy it! Embrace the mess (it’s quickly dealt with, after all!) and make the most of sharing this memorable experience with your baby. Oh, and good luck!

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