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Is Nimble Milk Buster really better for baby bottle cleaning?
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Is Nimble Milk Buster really better for baby bottle cleaning?

Many people have asked us the question ‘Is Nimble Milk Buster Really Better for Baby Bottle Cleaning?’ and our instant response to that is ‘Yeah baby!’.

But before your mind starts wandering to Austin Powers, here’s the countdown of our Top 7 reasons why we love Nimble Milk Buster, starting from No. 7:


No. 7 – It’s made with plant-based cleaning ingredients

Unlike regular washing-up liquids that mostly use petroleum-based ingredients, Nimble Milk Buster uses plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, amino acids and sugar. And these have the amazing ability to detach milk fat and proteins from plastic effectively, leaving your bottles free from cloudiness.

You can see in this little demonstration that tulips soaked in Nimble Milk Buster for 8 hours remains fresh, whilst it’s already wilted (and almost dead!) in a regular washing-up liquid.





No. 6 – It doesn’t have chemical fragrances

Our patented formula uses a unique ingredient that absorbs smelly milk odours without having to use chemical fragrances. Your bottles will not like a mixture of stale milk with citrus or floral smell from washing-up liquids. It will just smell clean… like clean water. You’ll find out exactly what we mean when you give it a try.

No. 5 – It works on both breast milk and formula milk

Breast milk and formula milk are quite different from each other in terms of nutrients for the baby but they both contain fat and proteins that attach to plastics easily. Nimble Milk Buster detaches milk fat and proteins easily and gently from plastic preventing that oily film from milk residues building up in the bottles.

No. 4 – Mums love our easy-spray format

Mums love that with our easy-spray format, they can target and reach the nooks and crannies of the bottles, especially the teats, where milk residues tend to build up.






No. 3 – It lasts for 2 months with regular use

As they say, “looks can be deceiving”. And it cannot be any truer! Our Nimble Milk Buster bottles look small but they pack a big punch. Each 200-ml bottle lasts up to 2 months with regular use. Because of its spray format, you can be very targeted with your cleaning, leaving nothing to waste.

No. 2 – It is multi-purpose

Don’t miss out on all the other wonders that Nimble Milk Buster can do. It works well in removing milk residues in baby’s bottles but don’t forget that you can also use it to clean your breast pumps, sippy cups, coffee machines, and protein shakers. Name anything that touches milk and Nimble Milk Buster can clean it!

No. 1 – It is better in removing milk residues

If you’re not yet convinced by what you’ve read above, then hopefully this one will! We’ve conducted an independent lab test with Intertek, a global testing agency, to see if Nimble Milk Buster can outperform a regular washing-up liquid in removing milk residues and we are pleased to say that it does!

What you see below is a stress test where a very thick milk solution was left to dry at the bottom of baby bottles. After drying, one set of the bottles were washed with Nimble Milk Buster and another set with a regular washing-up liquid. Pictures don’t lie. You can see that our product has clearly removed more milk residues than a washing-up liquid!

And as a bonus, here’s some of the awards we’ve won: 

We hope it wasn’t too much of a hard sell. We are just really passionate about our product and want to let you know why we think it’s awesome!

Give us a try and get 10% off your first purchase using the voucher code: BYEMILKRESIDUE. Check out our Shop page.

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