June Product Spotlight: Nimble Milk Buster

June Product Spotlight: Nimble Milk Buster

Introducing our award-winning baby bottle cleaner, Milk Buster.

The perfect tool to tackle cloudy bottles and remove milky odours quickly and easily.

Milk Buster was the very first product in Nimble’s range and remains our best seller today. It exists because a lot of parents didn’t feel that cleaning their baby bottles with standard washing-up liquid worked for them. Aside from being more effective and simpler to use, one of the other main differences between our Milk Buster and washing-up liquid is that our formula only uses plant-based ingredients (not strong chemicals) to remove milk residue and odour, meaning nothing is left behind that could taint the taste of the milk 👏🌱

Not only does it work on both breast milk and formula, Milk Buster makes cleaning those nooks and crannies in baby bottles, sippy cups, utensils and breast pumps easier and safer than ever.

So how do we do it?

Our plant-based formula has been purposefully developed to wrap around milk fat and proteins, gently detaching them from the bottle making them super easy to rinse away.

Do you need to use it in any special way?

Nope! Simply add lukewarm water to the plastic items you are cleaning, use two sprays of our Milk Buster (or more if the milk has been sitting for 24 hours), then brush or shake the bottle and rinse.

All Cloudiness is not created equal – the science-y bit...

Cloudy baby bottles are caused by either:

  • Milk Residue (which Milk Buster cleans and prevents!)
  • General wear and tear of the plastic, often caused by exposure to high heat (microwaves and boiling water) or scratches from a bottle brush (this is unfortunately irreversible)

If the cloudiness is due to wear and tear, our plant-based formula can still make sure milky residues and odours are removed safely, effectively and quickly as well as preventing any further scratching.

Visit our blog post on 3 Reasons Why Baby Bottles go Cloudy to learn more.

Try our Milk Buster for yourself and discover a quicker and easier way to clean your little one’s bottles.

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