Mum Hack Monday!

We make child friendly cleaning products to make your life easier, but there are lots more ways you can make life easy-peasy with these tried and tested mum hacks! Though dads can use them too of course! We'll be sharing a new tip on the Nimble Facebook Page every Monday, but here are a few to get you going!

In a puzzle?

Label the back of your puzzle pieces, A, B C, for example. That way when your little angel decides to empty out all the boxes at once you can easily sort them out, giving a little bit of an education into the alphabet as you do so, if you can persuade the little angel to help, that is…  

Rotate the boredom

Every couple of weeks (or more) take away some of your kid’s toys and swap them with ones you’ve hidden. Really young kids will forget they’ve even seen this amazing new toys before and older kids will start to expand and develop they way they play with their toys. Kids with less toys tend to have better imaginations, so by swapping them in and out of the playroom you can hopefully quell the boredom factor! Maybe even swap toys with friends to get an even bigger variety of things to play with.  

Swim and go, again and again

Swim nappies can be pricey, but if they didn’t contain a 'number 2' then you can rinse them out in clean water, leave them to dry and then use them again, and again, and again…  

Greetings, friends!

Bulk buy birthday, Christmas and Easter cards, and any others you might need… you can even write them in one go, or at least sign your names. Then when a birthday rolls around you can just grab one and send it. Don’t forget to keep a book of stamps with them too, so everything is in one place ready to go. If your kid is old enough to be regularly invited to the birthday parties of their school friends then you can bulk buy presents too. Stock up in book sales and super market toy sales!  

Warm and Dry

Two tips in one here. If you’ve got a kiddo that is potty training then layer their beds with a waterproof sheet, fitted sheet, another waterproof, and final fitted sheet. This way if there is an accident then you’re protected the mattress and can easily whips the wet layers off without disturbing the kid too much, or having to faff about refitting sheets. Also keep all the duvet covers and pillow cases in each set folded and inside a pillow case- then you can grab and go as you change the beds around the house, and they fold flat and look nicer in your cupboards!   Feel free to share your tried and tested mum hacks with us too!

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