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New Mum Essentials Part 2

New Mum Essentials Part 2

We had a great time at the Kind & Jugend trade show a few months back, it was great to meet like minded people who focus on baby and infant products. The world of baby-products is vast and varied but we’ve pulled together some of the best things we spotted at the show! This little lot is all designed to make feeding and weaning your baby so much easier!

Doddle Bags – The Doddle Spoon makes it super-easy for you to feed a baby; or for older babies to feed themselves. Simply screw the spoon onto the Doddle Bag’s spout and squeeze your lovingly-made puree through the hole in the spoon. Yummy and mess-free, you can fill the pouches with sweet or savoury, home made or bought food. They’re reusable and recyclable, leak proof and can be frozen – great for batch cooking!

Doddl Cutlery – Created from scratch specifically for children. Doddl cutlery isn’t a small version of cutlery created for adults, it’s ergonomically suited to little hands to teach them how to use cutlery properly from an early age! Non slip grips, the fork can easily be rotated for stabbing or scooping and dish washer safe, ideal!

Milk Monster – Can’t remember when you made up the bottle? Can’t find your bottles in the dark? Milk Monster is the clever little thing that attaches to any bottle and can be used in the dark so you don’t have to turn lights on for dark night feeds. It helps you to ensure that your babies milk is always safe for them to drink, as you know when to discard it.

Tidy Tot – Possibly the easiest way to ensure you will never have any ruined baby clothes ever again (well, from food stains!) This is a clever two part design, one part circles the high chair effectively extending the tray, so that less food will go on the floor, and the other part is a bib with arms that attaches to the tray so no food can disappear down the front of your baby and the highchair!

Easy Mat from Easy Tots This clever table mat works in two ways: a way to help portion control thanks to the handy divided segments, and a way to keep food on the table as it sticks with suction feet! Most kids love to drop bowls and plates over the edge of the table given the chance – but not with the Easy Mat!

Formula Feeder by Mini & Mago – A clever gadget that fits all cartons of ready-made formula milk and some water bottles too, a ready made sterilised teat! It’s easy to attach, use, remove, clean and sterilise ready for the next drink on the go!

Yoomi self warming bottles & sterilisers – At the touch of a button, Yoomi warms baby’s milk to the natural temperature of breastmilk in just 60 seconds, in the bottle! They also make electric sterilisers and breast pumps too.

Milk Buster – Last but not least our very own Milk Buster will help keep all your bottles, beakers and pumps clear and stink-free!

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