Nimble Gets Royal

Nimble Gets Royal

A few months ago, I received an anonymous phone call with no caller ID, the type that you’d either ignore completely or pick up immediately because you never know what the call is about and more importantly, who the call is from.

At that time, I felt like picking up that unknown call and to our pleasant surprise, it was a call inviting us to be featured in a royal book. It was all hush-hush and secretive so I wasn’t sure if it is for real, until I received the official email explaining what it was all about.

I was so chuffed learning that Nimble is one of only 12 UK brands that they’ve invited to be featured in the book that celebrates the birth of the first baby of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Our Nimble ethos resonated very well with the book’s values and what Harry and Meghan stand for when it comes to consciousness around ethical living. I knew Nimble is doing something right, but who knew that it was going to be royal family worthy?!

A few weeks later, I then had a call from the Royal Correspondent, Robert Jobson, who has an amazing CV of writing a number of royal family books including The Queen’s Jubilee and Prince Charles’s Seventieth Birthday. I don’t remember speaking to anyone in my entire life who’s got a pedigree like his. I had to collect myself before the phone call to make sure my voice doesn’t give away that I was a little nervous. But Robert was very pleasant and down to earth. He was very calm and genuinely interested with my story and how Nimble all started. After 45 minutes, we said our goodbyes and felt like the interview became like a natural conversation.

Shortly after that call, we have received the first draft of the interview and our product page in the book. I cannot believe how well the story of Nimble was written. It’s amazing how a very talented writer and journalist was able to tell our story in such a captivating but genuine way. No wonder why he is where he is. I had a few correspondences with the publishers to perfect the feature and I think we are on to a winner!

The book is finally going to be launched on the 4th September at the Ritz Hotel. I’m extremely excited as I’ve never been to this place and it will also be my first time to be surrounded by many important people in the circle of the royals. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes on the day itself, so please keep an eye out on our social media feeds.

In the meantime, I need to get started looking dapper for this event. Any tips, send me a message!


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