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Nimble loves the planet and so should you!

Nimble loves the planet and so should you!

At Nimble we care about the environment, and believe that it should be easy for everyone else to do so too! We don’t use harsh chemicals in our products, in fact Sticky Stopper and Milk Buster are 100% natural and plant based, and Laundry Lover is 88% natural! By using less chemicals in your cleaners you’re sending less nasties down the sink and into the oceans.

Milk Buster has been clinically tested and has been proven to be as mild as water! This means no nasties are left in your baby bottles being flushed down your sink. We wanted Sticky Stopper to clean any mess, but with added anti-bacterial properties too – and it has, by using all plant-based cleaning ingredients!

By purchasing a Milk Buster Refill Pouch you’re using a whopping 87% less plastic than purchasing new bottles, and saving money too!

Nimble Environmentally Friendly

There are lots of other uses for your Milk Buster bottle too:

Make a Sleepy Spray

Add lavender and chamomile essential oil drops to water, shake well before use and spray on your pillows or PJ’s for a calming, sleep inducing effect

Make a ‘No more Monsters’ spray

Perfect for little people who are afraid of monsters in their room, fill your empty Milk Buster bottle with just water or add a nice smelling essential oil then call it Monster Spray! Use it to rid your child’s bedroom of their make-believe monsters! You can even print the image below for a professional look!

De-tangling spray for kids or adults!

This one is super easy, add 3 teaspoons of your normal conditioner to water, give it a shake and spray to make hair detangling easy peasy!

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