Shares for Tiny Humans— our Nimble promise to you

Shares for Tiny Humans— our Nimble promise to you

Dear parent friends, 

We know you are here because you also believe that all families (especially the little ones) deserve better than heavy-duty, harsh chemicals.

Here at Nimble, we're committed to providing you with safer, greener, and more effective cleaning products to take some of the stress out of the everyday tasks (if only we could take it ALL away!).

We are very honoured that you're trusting us to be on your side to deal with the messy moments, and in return, we wanted to pledge some of our key commitments from our Nimble family to yours! 

Here's our cleaning with kindness promise:

1. kind to little ones

Because every corner of the house is a playground for kids, we make sure our products are safe to use around them.

This means we keep the nasty bits away from our cleaning goodies: we use no harsh chemicals, allergens, skin irritating ingredients, and only use gentle scents. This is all to make sure our products are suitable for sensitive skin

2. kind to parents

We know that life keeps you busy when you have a little one wandering around, so we guarantee that our products are highly effective from the first use! We don't want you to waste your precious time washing your baby's laundry, cloth nappies, high-chairs, or baby bottles twice! 

Our award-winning products with patented formulas are gentle on the skin but tough on stains! Our formulas are developed from scratch by our real-life chemist founder, Von.

3. kind to the planet

Mess is natural, and so are our products. Not only are all of our products are plant-based and certified vegan, but they all get the job done without compromise! They are powered by naturally derived ingredients such as coconuts, corn, and grapeseed. Furthermore, they are all made in the UK and are never tested on animals.

We are here for YOU!

If you have any questions regarding our products, values, or just fancy a chat about how to use our products, we're all ears. Just drop us an email at, and we'll be in touch shortly!

All our best,
Team Nimble

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