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5 things you've always wanted to know about Nimble

Hi, kinder cleaning folks,

To celebrate our 6th birthday, we decided that we wanted to give you a sneak peek into our Nimble story and adventures. 

We've asked our founder Von Sy 5 true or false questions based on some of the questions that we received from our community of incredible parents to get all the crisp details behind the creation of our baby Nimble!

1. You were a parent when Nimble was born'

FALSE! Nimble was born when I became an uncle. My sister raised some issues she's had to clean safely at home around my beautiful niece. I wasn't a parent yet, but as an uncle and a chemist, it got me thinking about how we can and should improve the cleaning products that we use at home so that they are kids-friendly and 100% safe to use around them... 6 years later, it's still our central company pillar!

2.  The name 'Nimble' came from a book that you read

FALSE! It actually came from a TV show that I watched six years ago where a presenter described Kimberly Walsh as nimble, and it got stuck in my head! I thought: "oh, what a great name for my company!" Thanks, Kim xx

3. Nimble team works fully remotely

TRUE! When Covid hit in spring 2020, and we couldn't go into the office, we discovered a new way of working that was fully remote. At first, it was disorienting as it was different to how we used to work before, but we got used to it, and it became our new normal!

Most of the team members are parents with young children; therefore, when the time came to go back to the office, we talked about it and decided that it was more convenient to keep this new rhythm to be closer to our little ones.

Introducing the Nimble team at age 6, enjoy :)

4. Milk Buster was the 1st product of the Nimble range

TRUE! I created this product after a conversation with my sister, where she told me she was struggling to clean my niece's baby bottles!

After a few washes, she said that the baby bottle was a bit smelly and greyish due to milk residues. It didn't take more to trigger my geeky attention, and the Milk Buster baby bottle cleaner was born in my kitchen a few weeks later. We are still using the same formula six years later!

5. All the Nimble products are vegan-friendly

TRUE! At the creation of Nimble, we committed to making all of our products with no nasties, such as harsh chemicals that could irritate our babies' delicate skins.

It can take some time and effort to find the right combination of plant-based ingredients to be safe to use around babies and yet highly effective. Still, it's part of our ethos to make kinder cleaning products since day 1, and we are proud to say that all our baby cleaning products are certified vegan-friendly and plant-based. They are all registered with the Vegan Society and never tested on animals, naturally!

Got another question that you're dying to know the answer to? Let us know in the comments xx 

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