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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Essentials

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Essentials


  • Maternity Notes – super duper important, it’s best to keep them in your bag when you’re at home
  • 2-3 nighties/baggy T shirts & PJ Bottoms. Maybe an old one for the birth as it might need to be chucked depending on how mucky it gets
  • Big pants (to accommodate the unglamourous maternity Towels, one pack of those!)
  • Flip flops for the shower-room, plus a colured towel and a travel sized bottle of your favourite shower gel & shampoo, don’t forget toothpaste, a tooth brush!
  • Lip Balm, if you use gas and air it can be really drying
  • Food: snacks for during and after the birth, some energy drink like lucozade or energy tablets to add to water, slow-release cereal bars are good too. A straw is a good idea too so someone can hold your drink up for you whilst you’re busy panting and clutching the gas and air!
  • Camera/Phone, and your chargers/memory cards too
  • 2 nursing bras and a supply of breast pads for when your milk comes in, you might need nipple cream too if you plan on breastfeeding
  • Something comfy to wear when you head home – bear in mind your arrival outfit may have got grubby during the process!


  • New born sized nappies – one pack should be enough, pop the pack in a canvas tote bag so it doesn’t take up too much room in your main bag
  • Baby Wipes (ignore anyone who says you need cotton wool- dealing with that first poop with cotton wool is a job for your worst enemy!
  • 3 x Vests in newborn size
  • 3 x Sleepsuits
  • 2 x baby socks (you can use one as a pair of scratch mitts, they stay on better!)
  • 1 x hat (a cotton one should be fine for in the hospital
  • 1 x cardigan or soft jacket
  • 3 x Muslins – to be used for spit-up, leaky boobs, or as a light blanket
  • 1 x Blanket
  • Car seat- hospitals won’t let you go home without one! Make sure you’ve practised putting it in the car safely before you have to try it with a baby inside!
  • Bottles and pre-made formula if you are planning to bottle feed
  • Dummy- not an essential but never say never!


  • It would be a good idea to have a second, ready-packed bag at home for each of you, in case you have to stay in longer than expected, so that someone can bring it in for you without stress
  • A Bluetooth speaker so you can play your chosen music playlist
  • A book or magazine, sometimes there can be a delay in waiting to be released so you might want something to occupy yourself
  • Small change – for snack machines or a hot drink from the coffee shop
  • A small bottle of bubbly to wet the baby’s head – so to speak!
  • Some newborn photo-props for a mini photo shoot- new teddy, something with their name on,
  • Some mascara and lippy if you usually wear them and feel like you might want to look a little more ‘you’ for any photos or visitors
  • Think about if you want visitors at the hospital, and if so who! It is not at all unreasonable to limit your visitors to close friends and family, or maybe even just your partner!
  • Check if the hospital allow flowers – many don’t so it’s a good idea to let your friends and family know if this is the case

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