Top Tips for Hygiene when Out and About or Travelling

Top Tips for Hygiene when Out and About or Travelling

Our homes may not always be tidy (overflowing laundry basket anyone?) but we generally know which surfaces have been cleaned or not, making us feel a little bit more reassured that our kids are not going to pick up any hidden lurgies while eating, crawling, playing and generally causing their own version of household destruction.   

But what about when you’re out and about at the local park, café or shopping centre? Or travelling through an airport or train station?

Aside from regularly washing hands, we have some other tips and tricks to keep bacteria at bay and it all starts with throwing our handy travel sized Sticky Stopper and Milk Buster into your changing bag!


If you’ve come across a café or restaurant highchair that has seen better days, simply give it a spray with Sticky Stopper and wipe away any mess before securing your little one in for their meal (and to make a mess of their own no doubt…).

Dummies and Sippy Cups

These often-dropped items can be a pain to keep clean when out of the house, but we reckon our travel sized Milk Buster could be the solution. Give each item a couple of sprays then rinse with water (from a tap or your water bottle). Good to go!


Is your little one in the habit of sticking any toy (or keys, spoon, books, phone…) in their mouth? Yeah ours too. For any “toy” that has dropped on the ground, give it a quick spray with Sticky Stopper to disinfect, wipe then let dry.

Planes, Trains and Buses

Sometimes it’s hard to know when tray tables, bassinets and screens were last given a decent clean, particularly on the quick turnaround routes. If in doubt, a couple of sprays of Sticky Stopper will go a long way and our travel size is only 60ml meaning it can easily be taken through security.

Changing Tables

Busy bathrooms mean the changing tables don’t always get the attention they need. No issues though, simply spray our Sticky Stopper directly onto the changing table and wipe away to clean and disinfect the surface.


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