Top Tips for potty training your kid

Top Tips for potty training your kid

Time to potty train your little one? Relax! You’ll be fine, we promise. But just in case, here are some tried and tested tips and tricks to help you along the way. Do let us know in the comments if you try them!

1. Make sure your little one is ready

If you start too early, it can be pretty frustrating— for you and them!. Look for signs that your child is ready: if their nappy is often dry after an hour or two, if they’re aware of having a soiled nappy (and unhappy about it), if they tell you they are going to wee before they do it, or if they are aware of what a potty is. If your child is truly ready, it will make the process so much easier and quicker, so don’t rush it. 

2. Get the timing right

It's a good idea to start potty training when there isn't much else going on at home. We know this isn't always easy, but as a general rule, you might want to delay potty training a bit if it's Christmas or if you've just brought a new baby home.

These potential disruptions can affect potty training, so it might make more sense to wait until things calm down a little before you start the journey.

3. Stay calm

Let your child lead the way and try to stay relaxed as much as possible. Let your toddler help to choose the potty, keep it in an easily accessible place, and gently encourage them to use it regularly throughout the day. You might want to have more than one around the house so they can be reached in time, wherever you are.

Be prepared for the odd ‘accident’ here and there, it can be frustrating, but this is where you need to keep your cool. If your child does have an accident, stay calm, grab your Sticky Stopper antibacterial spray, and move on. 


4. Praise your child 

Praise your child for using the potty, but we recommend keeping it low-key, so it doesn’t become a big deal. You don’t need to invest in sticker charts and prizes during potty training unless you want to! The aim is for using the bathroom to be a regular thing as your child grows older, not a cause for celebration forevermore. 

5. Dress your child appropriately

Clothes with easy access for a quick potty visit are a must. Keep the dinosaur costumes for another time! It may be cute, but having to undo lots of buttons while trying to avoid an accident isn't fun at all.

6. Help your little one relax

Using a potty is a huge step, and some children can find it a little scary sometimes. If you stay calm, it will hugely help your child, but there are other things you can do too. Give your child a picture book to look at while sitting or a favourite toy to hold. It's all about relaxing those muscles!

7. Lead by example

Say goodbye to those precious moments of peace for a while…. But seriously, taking your child to the loo with you can significantly impact them during potty training. By seeing you go regularly and understanding that it isn’t a big deal, you help normalise the whole process for them further. 

8. Be prepared for setbacks

All children have the occasional ‘accident’ and sometimes have a minor setback. Major changes can often trigger a slight regression, such as going on holiday or moving house. Setbacks are expected, so don’t worry. If you are concerned, always speak to your GP or health visitor.

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