Weaning Your Baby — When Should You Start?

Weaning is the process of moving your child away from a diet of just milk and beginning to incorporate solid foods into their everyday eating habits. This process can begin around the age of six months — but no baby is the same. Don’t be alarmed if your child is delayed with this stage of development. Once your child does begin weaning, it’s important to know that the first steps are crucial as they help lay a foundation for healthy eating habits within your child. It also helps teach your child how to eat using a spoon, swallow, and eventually begin to chew. 

Signs to Recognise

There are some signs that you should look out for to see if your baby is ready to begin the weaning process. Ask yourself these three questions:
  1. Can my baby sit up, stay in a sitting position, and hold their head steady?
  2. Does my baby have hand, eye and mouth coordination? For example, do they look at an object or food, pick it up and then put it in their mouth? 
  3. Can my baby swallow?

Final Steps: Weaning Your Child

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then it may be time to start weaning your child. You can begin this process by experimenting with different solid foods. It is important to incorporate this to see if your child may have different food allergies. 

Acceptable Weaning Foods

Once your child is ready to begin weaning, you may be wondering what are good solids to start your baby off with? Trying pureed or well-mashed vegetables would be a great start. You can also incorporate soft fruits such as watermelon, banana or avocado. Once your child is comfortable with weaning, you can begin giving them soft rice or pasta. 

What to watch out for? 

One of the most valuable lessons about weaning is that you should not begin this process before your child is six months old — unless this happens naturally and your baby shows signs of readiness. If your baby is showing signs early, it's advised to talk to your health visitor and get their professional opinion. One thing is for certain though, and that's to never start weaning your child before they’re 17 weeks old as their body just isn't ready. While going through this process, it’s extremely valuable to incorporate solids into your child’s diet. If they don’t adjust right away don’t be worried; all babies are different and your child's development is not the same as another. 

How to deal with the weaning mess?

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