Nimble Nappy Lover

  • Non-bio detergent powder specially made for cloth nappies
  • A simpler way to clean cloth nappies, no need for extra boosters
  • Free from skin-irritating allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes
  • Completely dissolves in the wash, leaving no detergent residues on the nappies
  • Up to 40 washes


Size: 1.08kg 



Nimble Nappy Lover makes cleaning your little one’s cloth nappies super simple, leaving them sparkling clean and delightfully soft!

Our clever formula has been designed with cloth nappies (and what ends up on them) in mind. Plant-based surfactants target those stinky poo and pee stains without the need for extra boosters.

It also dissolves completely in the wash so no need to worry about any residues being left behind that could irritate sensitive skin or damage cloth fibres.

To top it all off we use an allergen-free fragrance leaving nappies with a delicate baby fresh scent

The science-y bit

  • Our coconut and sugarcane-based surfactants (a.k.a. cleaning ingredients) wrap around stains to detach them easily from fabrics during the wash
  • To make it sensitive skin-friendly, we’ve taken out ingredients that leave residues in the nappy fibres that can cause irritation such as enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes
  • So Easy to Use

    • Measure out the correct dosage for your load
    • Wash as usual
    • Hang-up nappies to dry


    What temperature? For best results, wash at 60°C.

    Drawer or drum? We vote drum! Simply pour the powder into a dosing cap then place directly in the drum of your washing machine.

    Plant-based ingredients: alkyl polyglucoside, sodium alkyl sulphate. Mineral-based: sodium carbonate, sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium percarbonate, sodium silicate, zeolite, citric acid. Others: acrylic/maleic acid copolymer, parfum.