How to Safely Clean Baby Bottles?

However, with milk fat and proteins prone to clinging on to plastic, this issue is inevitable and despite thorough cleaning with washing-up liquid and sterilisation, milk residues are often left behind.

This not only leaves an unpleasant odour, it also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to feed and thrive so ridding of all traces is essential.

Here is a 5-step guide to help you have baby bottles that look clean and smell clean in every wash:

Step 1 – Clean baby bottles start with a rinse

When your baby is finished feeding, try cleaning the baby bottles as soon as possible.

But if this is not possible, try to rinse off the leftover milk in the bottle with water. Rinsing reduces the amount of milk left in the bottle. It also reduces the ability of milk fat and proteins to cling on to the plastic. This makes cleaning baby bottles easier later.

Cloudy baby bottles

Step 2 – Soak bottles and teats in warm soapy water

Cleaning baby bottles all together to make the best use of time is a great tip that we’d recommend! So try soaking the bottles and teats in warm soapy water first and see a big difference later! You can either make up a bowl of warm soapy water or you can fill each bottle with warm water and add a little washing-up liquid.

The cleaning ingredients (a.k.a. surfactants) in Nimble Milk Buster are specially chosen based on their ability to detach milk fat and proteins, which are the main causes of bottles going cloudy. There is also a special odour absorber in Nimble Milk Buster that takes away the odour from the bottle, rather than just masking it with strong fragrances.

Step 3 – Brush the bottles and teats

Brushing the bottles and teats is a very important step in cleaning baby bottles as this helps in completely removing and dislodging the milk residue from the plastic.

Sadly, this is one step that we cannot get away with. It’s a necessary evil. It’s just like when we clean our teeth, we always have to brush, rather than just use a mouthwash!

The good news is that we’re making this step easier by using cleaning ingredients that can remove milk fat & proteins effectively in just one wash, so you don’t need to clean baby bottles over and over again.

how to safely clean baby bottles 2 Nimble Babies

Step 4 – Rinse bottles and teats

After brushing the bottles, make sure you rinse the bottles and teats well. Rinse bottles so there are no leftover milk and washing-up liquid in the bottle. Cleaning baby bottles is a lot easier now. With Nimble Milk Buster, it takes less rinses to get rid of the foam.

Step 5 – Sterilise bottles and teats

The recommended process is to sterilise the bottles and teats for babies under 12 months. They only have 15-17% of an adult’s antibodies. This is your final step in washing baby bottles.

It’s best to clean the bottles and teats well before sterilising. Sterilising will only kill bacteria. This process will not remove the food source of the bacteria, which in this case is milk fat and protein.

Now you can clean baby bottles with these 5 easy steps! Why not try out Nimble Milk Buster to make baby bottle washing more fun and easier, so you’ll have more time for yourself and your little one.

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