Here’s a story about a special little boy whose mum wanted to share his inspiring story! The story is written from the mum’s perspective. Read below for more.

Hunter Guy

Hunter was born on the 7th of February, 2018. It was a normal birth and he weighed 6lb 1oz. Hunter was perfectly fine; he passed all of the tests and examinations that are completed on newborns. 

Hunter wasn’t great at feeding and at first I didn’t panic. I thought that it was normal for feeding to come along slowly. Being a first time mom, this was all new to me. I then mentioned it to the Midwife’s on the ward and they wanted Hunter to stay overnight so they could monitor his feeding.

From the beginning they set a target goal of 25ml during every feed. He reached the goal. Everything seemed healthy and normal so they sent us home the next morning. Although he completed all the tests, Hunter continued to struggle with feeding and was never able to get past the 2oz mark. He never cried when he was hungry so this began to make feeding him a challenge.

The tests continue

When Hunter was three months old it was discovered that he had a VSD. This is a hole in his heart. We monitor this every three months because he is at high risk of developing infections.

Fast forward roughly seven months. Hunter began undergoing all sorts of tests — MRI’s, ultrasounds, and blood work. The tests came back and the doctors finally had an answer for us. Hunter was diagnosed with Rare Microdeletion Syndrome. Simply put, this means that one of Hunter’sgenes had been deleted. It happened to be his feeding one. Because of this, Hunter has no idea what it’s like to be hungry and to want food, so he has a nasogastric feeding tube that helps regulate his feeding.

After going through all of this, we’ve began to realise that hygiene and cleanliness are major factors in our home — especially when it comes to Hunter’s feeding equipment.  

Around this time I ran across Nimble. I was excited to try their different products, to see what they had to offer and how they could make cleaning easier. I purchased two of their three products — Nimble Milk Buster and Nimble Sticky Stopper. After using the products once I knew that they’d become part of our cleaning routine.  

How we use Nimble’s products

Milk Buster helps save your child’s baby bottles making them look clearer and smell fresher. It works magically. Because Hunter doesn’t feed using a baby bottle, we use Nimble’s product on his feeding tube. We do use bottles to store boiled water in for when we flush Hunter’s tube at the end of every feed. We clean Hunter’s tube multiple times a day so I need to make it a priority to have a product that does the job well and Milk Buster does exactly what I need!

Sticky Stopper is an antibacterial cleaner that can be used on surfaces and toys! Personally, I use it on both and it does wonders. Hunter is at high risk of getting infections so I need to ensure that everything is tidy, clean, and germ free. I can honestly say that this product has helped our family so much and it will continue to be part of our everyday routine.

The Birmingham Children’s Hospital has become our second home and I’ve learned things there that I never thought I’d have to do. I now know how to pass a nasogastric feeding tube (which is done on a weekly basis). Hunter will have his condition for life, but it’s manageable. Becoming a parent has been one of the most challenging and exhausting journeys of my life, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s been so rewarding and Hunter has made me strong, happy, and eternally grateful for life.  He is my happy, wild little boy and has helped shape me into the person I am today. 

Thankfully, Nimble’s products have made life just a little bit easier by ensuring me that I can keep my babies environment clean and healthy. From one mum to another, Nimble’s products are amazing!