Most people know that milk is a great drink as it is a rich source of vitamin and mineral goodness that both babies and adults need. But there are other things (like milk residues) that a lot of people don’t really know about milk and we’re here to share some of them to you!

Photo from and Digitalart.

Photo from and Digitalart.

Fact #1 – Milk contains fat and proteins that result to milk residues

Fat and proteins are naturally attracted to plastics because of their chemistry. Because of that, water alone cannot wash off fat and proteins from plastic containers like baby bottles or protein shakers. When these fat and proteins are not removed completely, they build and form milk residues that can cause cloudiness and leave a nasty sour milk smell.

Fact #2 – Milk is nutritious for you and also for bacteria

The same vitamins and minerals from milk that are good for us, are also good for bacteria. Bacteria thrive in any environment so long as they have a food source like milk. Sterilisation kills bacteria but they will easily grow back if the food source is not taken away. That is why removing milk residues from any container is very important, otherwise you’ll have containers that are not entirely clean and safe.

Lastly, milk that is spoilt does not taste great, but you probably know this already so won’t dwell on it too much.

So for your baby’s safety, make sure that any milk residue left in their baby bottles are washed away so you can minimise the risk of getting upset tummie… and messy nappies!