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You want your kids to grow, play and learn in clean, safe spaces – so it makes sense to be informed about the products used in them. Below you’ll find the questions our customers most often ask us, but if you have any further questions please drop us a line at

Milk Buster

What is Nimble Milk Buster made of?

It is made of the safest cleaning ingredients derived from sugar, amino acids, and coconuts. Its pH is balanced to be very close to that of water and it also has plant-derived ingredients to remove water hardness. 

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it’s been clinically tested and has been proven to be as mild as water.

How long does a bottle last?

One bottle can last up to 2 months of regular use. Great value for money, isn’t it?  

Is it different from regular washing-up liquids?

It is sulfate-free just like your baby shampoo or bath liquid and is specially developed to detach milk fat and proteins, unlike regular washing-up liquids that are developed for food grease. It also contains a special odour-absorbing ingredient that gets rid of milk odour, not just masking it with fragrances.  

Ca I wash the bottles with water alone?

If only you could - then we’d recommend it! But unfortunately, water alone isn’t enough to clean your baby bottles.You need a cleaning product like Nimble Milk Buster to detach the milk fat & proteins from the plastic so the bottles will be free from unwanted milk residues.  

Is sterilising alone not enough?

We’re afraid to say that sterilising alone isn’t enough to clean your baby bottles. Sterilising only kills the bugs and germs - they can grow back fast when milk residues are still around. You will need a cleaning product like Nimble Milk Buster to get rid of the bacteria-causing milk residues.  

How do you wash baby bottles?

It is best to wash the bottles straight after your baby finishes drinking from it. But we know this isn’t always possible! Simply use Nimble Milk Buster to get rid of milk residues. Just add a little warm water into the bottle, spray Nimble Milk Buster twice, brush and rinse thoroughly.  

Will it work on breast milk and formula milk?

Yes, Nimble Milk Buster works on all types of milk. You can also use it on other things like your baby’s dishes and utensils.  

Why does Milk Buster have a strange smell? 

Unlike your regular washing-up liquids smothered with fragrances, Nimble Milk Buster does not contain any chemical fragrances. So what you smell is the natural aroma of its plant-based cleaning ingredients. 

Sticky Stopper

What is Nimble Sticky Stopper made of?

It is powered by plant-based cleaning ingredients derived from coconuts and a natural disinfectant called lactic acid.  

What is lactic acid?

It is a natural disinfectant derived from fermenting sugar. It kills 99.9% of bacteria without having to use nasty chemicals like bleach.  

How is it different to other surface cleaners?

Glad you asked! Sticky Stopper can clean and disinfect at the same time using plant-derived ingredients. Half of surface cleaners are actually not antibacterial but they make you think they are! And the other half are antibacterial but use harsh chemicals like bleach, triclosan, or what they call BIT (benzisothiazolinone) or MIT (bethylisothiazolinone).  

Can I use it to clean and disinfect my baby's dummies?

Definitely! But to be extra sure that there are no residues left, we recommend that you rinse it off with clean running water before handing it back to your little one.  

Laundry Lover

What is Nimble Laundry Lover made of?

It’s powered by 88% naturally derived ingredients derived from coconuts and vegetables. 

How is Nimble Laundry Lover different from other laundry products?

Our Laundry Lover is proven to show that it removes stains as good as the leading brand, but it’s as gentle as eco brands for the skin and fabrics. You basically get the best of both worlds.  

How long will a bottle last? 

One bottle lasts up to 25 washes. Our regular customers tell us that a bottle usually lasts 3-4 weeks with regular use.

How much liquid do I put in one wash? 

We recommend that you put 1 cap full of liquid for one full load. You can put it either in the drum or the drawer of your washing machine.You can check out the more detailed instructions below to get the best results.  

Can I still use my favourite fabric softener together with Laundry Lover? 

Yes of course, the only thing to watch out for is to be sure that the fabric softener is also suitable for sensitive skin if you or your child are prone to skin irritation. 

What is the remaining 12% made of? 

We’re on a constant lookout to replace to get 100% of our ingredients be derived from plants. It’s a shame that we can’t do it yet because it will make the product cost 3X more. We didn’t want price to be a factor to discourage customers turned off from doing small things that will help improve the planet. 

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