Nimble Dosing Cap

  • An underrated laundry essential now in the spotlight
  • Reduce the clutter in your laundry cupboard
  • Suitable for use with Laundry Lover, Cuddle Lover and Nappy Lover


Size: 40ml

Estimated release hipping: 21st September

£2.50 (including postage)



When launching our Laundry Lover, Cuddle Lover and Nappy Lover products, we made a conscious decision to not include a dosing cap with the bottle to do our part in the fight against single-use plastic.

It might be a small gesture for now, but every little bit helps!

We hope to do much more (watch this space) but in the meantime join us by adding one of our super sturdy reusable dosing caps to your basket which can be used to measure out all our laundry cleaning essentials.

Laundry Lover:

Normal load      40ml (1 x scoop)

Stuffed load      60ml (1½ x scoops)

Cuddle Lover:

Normal load      20ml (½ x scoop)

Stuffed load      40ml (1 x scoop)

Nappy Lover:

Normal load      80ml (2 x scoops)

Stuffed load      120ml (2½ x scoops)