There are many milestones, big and small, that happen in a child’s life that all parents want to remember. They can include the first word, crawling, walking, and running, amongst many other things as well. So what are the best ways to remember these moments? Here are 4 ways you can document the important milestones of your child’s life. 

1. Email

This may sound a bit silly, but setting up an email for your child would be an easy way to remember important milestones in your child’s life. Now you’re thinking, what could I possibly need to email my child at such a young age? Simple, send photos or videos to this email address of your child growing up. Eventually, when the time is right, let your child have access to this email. When they sign in they’ll have many emails waiting for them that will show moments of them from when they were first born to their current age! This is a great way to look back on amazing memories for both of you!

2. Photobook

As your child grows older, it’s important to record even the simplest of memories. A photobook is a great way to capture the ordinary moments along with the milestones. Memories that once seemed unimportant could actually become the most important when you look back on it. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.  

3. Journal

Write, write, and write some more. There may never be enough words to explain how much your child means to you, but it’s better to scribble something down than nothing at all. Writing is a great way to put your thoughts on paper — and there will be many emotions as your child grows and develops. Journalling helps you remember the exact day when your child took their first steps, said their first words, or had their first day at primary school. 

4. Video

We all have our memories, but perhaps the closest thing to reliving a moment would be seeing it on a screen. Taking videos of your child could be another way to remember specific moments from their life. It’s always nice to reminisce on special milestones. Plus you can get to see how excited you were for your child in that moment and to remember those feelings. 

Make the most of your time!

Parents always say that the days go by slow but the years pass fast when it comes to your child growing up and becoming a teenager and then onwards to adulthood. It’s important to hold on to the special moments, but it’s good to recognise the ordinary and normal days as well. 

Cherish every moment you have with your little ones and document as much as you can!