5 Useful Baby Shower Gifts Mums Love

Every now and again we all have family, friends, and colleagues becoming pregnant and before you know it, they’re going away soon for their maternity leave and it’s time to buy them a baby shower gift to welcome the arrival of their newborn! There a plenty of gift items to choose oftentimes for the newborn, but why not buy the mum-to-be something useful for her too? After all, she’ll be doing most of the hard work of looking after the baby at least for the first few months! Here’s our top pick for useful baby shower gifts for your new mummy friends:

1. Decaffeinated Tea

New mums who have avoided caffeine throughout their pregnancy may tend to avoid caffeine for a few more months whilst she’s breastfeeding. Why not give your new mummy friend a box of nice decaf tea. She will surely love you for this useful gift that she can enjoy whilst she is getting used to being sleep-deprived in the first few months of motherhood. With the sprawl of new artisan tea brands, you will never be short of choices of decaf tea that taste good and look good as a baby shower gift.

2. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

New mums who are breastfeeding will more or less avoid anything alcoholic and I’m sure by now she’s dying to enjoy a nice glass of alcoholic drink after being tee-total for almost a whole year!

If your friend loves and misses a cheeky G&T, then buying her a bottle of Seedlip Spice Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit would be a real treat. It tastes and feels like a real G&T but without the alcohol. It costs about £25 but she will love you forever, you might end up getting invited as a godparent!

3. Nimble Cleaning Products

Oh yes, now that your friend has a baby, cleaning up after the child will be something that will eat up her time… a lot! Little babies have an uncanny ability to make mess everywhere all the time, so arming your friend with cleaning products that are fun, safe, and child-friendly would be a welcome treat.

Nimble have two products that your friend would guarantee to love. Nimble Milk Buster is an awesome baby bottle cleaner that gets rid of cloudiness and smelly odour from bottles left behind by milk residues. This will definitely come in handy at some point especially when they use bottles to store breast milk or formula milk. Nimble Sticky Stopper is a bleach-free antibacterial spray that tackles the stickiest mess and spills on toys, high chairs, floors, play area, and more.

4. Shower Bombs

Having a bath when you’re a new mum is almost impossible with a little one needing your attention almost all the time. So a shower would almost certainly be the only ‘me’ time for a new mum. Gift her a set of shower bombs that diffuse relaxing scents to make her shower times more calm and spa-like!

5. Box of Chocolates

Who wouldn’t want of box of luxurious chocolates as a gift?! Your new mum friend will definitely love you so much for this ever-thoughtful gift. Just make sure the husband doesn’t steal them from her.

We hope you loved our list of useful baby shower gifts. If you’re a mum, do you have other favourite gifts that you’d like us to include in our list?