5 Easy Sensory Play Activities for Babies To Do at Home

5 Easy Sensory Play Activities for Babies To Do at Home

Is your little one ready to dive into a world of discovery? Put aside the household chores for a moment, because playtime is where the magic unfolds! Babies learn best through exploration, and sensory play is a fantastic way to engage their developing senses and nurture their cognitive skills.

Why Sensory Play Rocks

Picture your baby as a little scientist, discovering the world through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. Sensory play is the engine driving their growth, enhancing cognitive abilities, and setting the stage for a lifetime of learning. And the best part? It's simply delightful!

And let's not overlook the laughter, the giggles, and the wide-eyed wonder! Sensory play isn't just beneficial for their development; it's a recipe for joyful bonding and shared experiences that deepen your connection with your little one.

The Science Behind the Fun:

Aside from the adorable moments, sensory play offers a wealth of developmental advantages:

  • Boosting Brain Power: Engaging multiple senses stimulates neural connections, enhancing cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, memory, and language development.
  • Motor Skills Mastery: Sensory activities aid in refining gross and fine motor skills, from mastering grasping toys to crawling and exploring their surroundings.
  • Developing Sensory Awareness: Sensory play helps them comprehend and process sensory information from their environment, laying the groundwork for self-regulation and emotional well-being.
  • Fostering Creativity: Experimenting with textures, sounds, and colours ignites their imagination and promotes creative thinking, paving the way for future innovation.

Get ready, because we're about to explore five captivating activities that will fuel their inquisitive spirits and support your baby’s development.

Delightful Sensory Experience: Jelly Playtime!

Get ready for some messy fun! While it may require a bit of cleanup, jelly play is an excellent way for little ones to explore different textures with their hands and mouths. Ideal for weaned babies, this baby activity encourages them to dive right in and discover. 

Here's what makes jelly play so rocking:

  • Texture wonderland: Jelly, Angel Delight, even different cereals offer contrasting textures that tantalise tiny fingers and toes. Think smooth squish, gooey glob, and crunchy bits – a textural adventure like no other!
  • Sensory symphony: Not just touch, but sound too! Squishing and squeezing jelly creates a symphony of squishy, gooey noises that add another layer of sensory stimulation.
  • Colour explosion: Opt for different coloured jellies (or add food colouring!) and watch your baby's eyes light up with delight as they explore the vibrant hues.
  • Fine motor frenzy: Scooping, grabbing, squishing – all those jelly antics help develop important fine motor skills, preparing your little one for future grasping and manipulating objects.
  • Laughter guaranteed: Let's be honest, babies covered in jelly (harmlessly, of course!) are just plain hilarious. Prepare for fits of giggles and pure sensory joy.

Bonus Tip: Make post-play cleanup a breeze with our Sticky Stopper spray. Keep your surfaces clean and germ-free with our plant-based antibacterial cleaner spray. Just a few spritzes and you're good to go!

Calming Touch: Baby Massage Magic

Dim the lights, let soft melodies fill the air, and snuggle your little one close. This isn't just cuddle time, it's a sensory journey like no other - baby massage magic!

How to Get Started:

  • Create a calming environment: Dim the lights, put on soothing music, and ensure a comfortable temperature.
  • Gather supplies: Warm baby oil or lotion (safe for baby's skin!), soft towels, and a changing mat.
  • Follow your baby's lead: Start with gentle strokes on their arms, legs, and back, observing their cues and stopping if they seem uncomfortable.
  • Make it fun!: Sing songs, talk in soothing tones, and let your baby guide the session.
  • Don't pressure yourself: There's no right or wrong way to do it. Relax, enjoy the connection, and let the magic unfold.

Remember: Your baby is the expert! Be attentive to their cues and adjust the massage accordingly. Even a few minutes of gentle touch can make a big difference in their well-being and yours. So, go ahead, unleash the baby massage magic and witness the calming power of love and connection in action!

Shake, Rattle & Roll: DIY Sensory Bottles

Recycle that milk bottle? Genius! This is another super simple idea, and all you need is an empty plastic bottle (perhaps a milk buster bottle *wink wink*) and a few bits and pieces from around the house. Fill it with pompoms, pasta, feathers, or anything safe and intriguing for tiny hands to explore. Make different ones for sound and sight stimulation. Bonus points for vibrant colours!

Pro Tip: For older babies, create "treasure baskets" filled with safe items to explore under supervision. Regularly clean bottles and basket items for continued fun.

Ensure you regularly check the bottles to ensure they're safe to use, and spray them down with Sticky Stopper after each use. The same goes for the baskets- regularly clean each item after playtime.

Bubble Blowing Bliss: Simple Joy, Big Smiles

Who doesn't love bubbles? They're mesmerising for both babies and adults! Grab some bubble solution and a wand, and watch their eyes light up as they chase those rainbow spheres. It's affordable fun that never gets old!

Watery Wonderland: Sensory Splash Time

Bath, sink, or highchair tray – it's all fair game for water play! Let your little one explore different textures and temperatures (supervised, of course!). Food colouring, bath lights, music, cups, and sieves add exciting twists. For younger babies, even a shallow bowl on the floor can provide endless entertainment.

Remember: Always use a thermometer to ensure safe water temperature, keep supervision constant, and swish around to disperse hot spots.

Bonus Activity: Tidy-Up Time!

Yes, even cleaning can be a sensory learning experience! Involve your baby in age-appropriate tasks like putting toys away. It teaches them responsibility and helps them explore their surroundings. Remember, supervise closely, keep cleaning products out of reach, and embrace the "help"!

Tip: After messy or water play, use Sticky Stopper for toy cleaning and Laundry Lover and Cuddle Lover for restoring dirty clothes ensuring your little one's sensory adventures are always fresh and fun!


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