Nimble Cleaning Product Hacks!

Nimble Cleaning Product Hacks!

Who doesn’t like finding ways to repurpose products? We certainly do! We’ve got you covered whether your little one has recently stopped bottle-feeding or you’re looking for some cool hacks. Below are our favourite, non-conventional ways to use our products. So, without further ado!

Use Milk Buster to clean shoes

We know it sounds a little crazy, but one of our interns put this hack to the test, and we’re happy to report success! Not only can the powerful, but natural ingredients in our Milk Buster tackle milk residues and nasties, it can break down dirt too. Who knew? All you need to do is spray some Milk Buster on a towel and scrub away. 

Use Sticky Stopper to tackle public surfaces

As parents, we know you want to do all you can to keep your little ones healthy. Although sanitisation has been more common than ever recently, sometimes we just want to be extra sure. Whether it’s a table at a restaurant, changing station in a bathroom, or toys in a doctor's office, having the tools on hand to give public items a wipe down can give you peace of mind. 

Sticky Stopper is an antibacterial spray that is proven to 99.9% of germs. Give the table or whatever surface could use a wipe-down, a few sprays and have at it with a towel. The 60ml version is perfect to fit in your bag and take it on the go.

Use Laundry Lover on grown-up stains and grown-up laundry 

The ingredients that make our cleaning products great for babies mean they’re great for everyone, especially anyone with sensitive skin like eczema. Although our goodies are meant to be used around babies, they are effective for adults too! Somehow baby poo and spit-up always make their way on mum or dad’s clothes, but we have it covered.

Why buy two laundry detergents when you don’t need to? You can rub our Laundry Lover directly onto the messy stains, and use it to do your everyday washes. Plus, you can add your little ones’ clothes to whatever load you’re doing next.

Use Milk Buster to get pesky milk residue off glasses

You might be thinking “isn’t that the whole point?” But for once, we’re not talking about breastmilk or formula! We recommend trying our Milk Buster the next time you wash your milk frother or cups that may have sat a little too long. It was made to target milk fats and protein, making it great for use against all milk residue, not just that for babies.

Use Germ Zapper to fight colds, bacterias, and viruses

Although COVID-19 is (hopefully) on its way out, random colds are here to stay. And if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that hand sanitiser is when you’re on the go. 

Even more than that, so many hand sanitisers make your hands feel super sticky and can dry your hands in the long run. But not the Germ Zapper. Because it was developed to be used safely on babies and kids, the formula is non-drying, while killing up to 99.9% of germs with none of that sticky feeling.


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