Getting Milk Through Airport Security 101

Getting Milk Through Airport Security 101

In days gone by you could pack as much or as little as you wanted for your little one in your hand luggage. All you really had to worry about was the strain that carrying it all might create on your back!

Today with a host of new rules around liquids - things are slightly more complex. But rest assured. They're not as complicated as they're often made out to be.

Follow our simple guide and you should sail through security.

Milk over 100ml are allowed in hand luggage

Contrary to what you may hear on the parenting grapevine you can carry baby milk in containers over 100 ml (the usual threshold for liquids in hand luggage). However, you may be asked to open and taste the liquid in front of security staff to verify it.

That means two things. Your holiday might be the first time you sample your child's warm milk. Be prepared it's definitely an acquired taste for most adults! It also means that it's worth de-canting cartons of ready-made formula into bottles at home otherwise you might be faced with a lot of waste with opened cartons that can't be used.

If all this sounds like too much hassle it's worth checking ahead, as in some airports like Gatwick, you can buy ready to drink infant formula from Boots stores after security and it can even be ordered in advance! Check with customer services at the airport you're travelling from to see if this service is offered.

If your little one is on a prescription-only formula it's worth checking with your carrier in advance that it's ok to take the powder in large quantities in your hand luggage in case your luggage is lost at the other end! A doctor's note is worth having in case questions get awkward.

Baby Milk Airport Security

Baby Wipes Are Also Allowed... Hurray!

In terms of other baby paraphernalia wet wipes are fine to carry in hand luggage (and our advice is you can never have enough on a flight!). But all other baby creams and lotions are included in the usual 100 ml regulation so need to be in small travel size containers and stored in a clear plastic bag (like a sandwich bag).

Cleaning on the go? 

As you may know, most commercial planes hold between 150 and 350 passengers and schedules are very tight, so do they have time to clean the airplane inside out? 
We always recommend parents to bring along some cleaning essentials with you. 
When you go out for a day or a weekend away or a longer trip with your little one, do you find yourself thinking how you'd wash your baby's bottles? or When little ones keep touching the seat-back tray and put their fingers into their mouth, do you find yourself wanting to clean up the whole airplane? 

We know the struggles, that's why we developed the travel sizes for any of you that want to clean even on the go!  Our travel collection includes a baby bottle cleaner, an antibacterial cleaner, and a baby detergent. They are all under 100ml, so you can just bring them with you anywhere everywhere. 

Our main advice? Try not to stress. Security is just a 10-minute window in your holiday and even if you have a tricky time getting through it's still the gateway to a wealth of happy family memories. Here's to stress-free, happy holidays!

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