How To Wash Cuddly Toys Safely

How To Wash Cuddly Toys Safely

It’s very common to see little ones running around with their favourite stuffed animals and it’s a lovely sight to see. There comes a time when their beloved friend needs to be washed. It can be quite the process to get the soft toy away from your kiddo, but it needs to be done. Here’s how to wash cuddly toys without making your child wait too long to snuggle and play with their furry friend again.

Decide how to wash the cuddly toy

Machine wash or hand wash? If you are going to machine wash it’s important to read the label on the cuddly toy to see if there are any restrictions. Look and see if it can handle a machine wash. The machine could damage the toy so have a feel around the stuffed animal for anything that could be damaged. If you are hand washing the cuddly toy you can follow these three simple steps.

1. Choose the detergent wisely

When you are washing your child’s toy, it may be smart to think of the child, too. You would never use harsh or chemical infested detergent on your kid’s clothes, so why would you use it on their toys? It is smart to use a non-bio detergent due to its gentleness. If you are not sure what’s best for the toy, you can have a look at our non bio versus bio detergent blog for “3 Things You Should Look Out For in Baby Laundry Detergent”. Our detergent, Nimble Laundry Lover would do this job perfectly.

The first step in this process is to gather the bowl, detergent, and drying towel. You will put the necessary amount of liquid laundry detergent into the bowl and then add lukewarm water. Mix until the water is soapy.

2. Soak the toy

Once the water is nice and soapy, start gently washing the toy in the bowl. It’s important to massage the soapy water into the toy to make sure it’s getting the stains out. Once this is complete, squeeze the excess water out of the toy. Do this as many times as necessary until you see the toy getting cleaner and the water grubbier!

3. Rise and dry

After you’ve cleaned the cuddly toy and you can see a noticeable difference it’s important to rinse out the cuddly toy and then let it air dry on the towel. It’s crucial to let the toy air dry because the machine dryer could be harmful to the toy and we don’t want that for your kiddos.

Once the toy is nice and dry, the cuddly toy is as good as new and your little one can play with their beloved friend again!


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