July Product Spotlight: Laundry Lover

July Product Spotlight: Laundry Lover

Introducing our allergen-free baby laundry detergent, Laundry Lover.

Our unique formula is free from irritating enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes. We also use an allergen-free fragrance so you can be sure it will be gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin while leaving their clothes fresh.

It’s proven to be just as good as leading brands in removing tough everyday stains like tomato sauce, baby food, sun cream, grass, and the inevitable pee, poo, and mud! 

So how do we do it?

Coconut-based surfactants wrap around fat and stains, efficiently detaching them from fabrics during the wash.

Do you need to use it in any special way? 

Nope! Simply add one cap full to a full load of laundry and wash as usual. Hang up to dry or tumble dry, then enjoy the delicate baby fresh scent.

Try our Laundry Lover for yourself, shop the range here.

Read our useful guide on How to Wash Newborn Baby Clothes here.

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