Nimble's First TV Experience

Did someone say BBC?

Yes, We are now officially AS SEEN ON TV, thanks to our appearance on the BBC’s One The Customer Is Always Right!

So, what actually happened? Well, it was quite an experience! One week after receiving the invitation to participate in the BBC show, we were on the train going to our factory in Liverpool to meet the TV crew and get the filming done. We were very excited but felt a little anxious as we hadn’t had any prior experience. 

3, 2, 1, action!

After the TV crew got everything ready on their end, they briefed us on the plans so I could get prepared. This is it, it was really happening! I had to put my game face on and be ready for the lights and camera. We started filming at 11 am. I entered the factory, showed them around the different areas, interviewed about my life as a chemist and a businessman, talked about the products, and more. All of this took four hours to finish!

The Competition

Two weeks after filming in the factory, I took the train up to the BBC's studios in Glasgow. It was a six-hour journey from our office in Wimbledon. This second part of the filming is to show us, for the first time, the reactions of the customers who have tested our products. It was pretty nerve-racking, as we have never done such testing before.

The premise is that products from companies are scored, and the business that racks up the most points wins. It was good to see familiar people, which helped calm my nerves. I also met the founders of the two other businesses, Ryan from Deeno Toothbrush and Virginia from Nappy Time. Both were very nice and down-to-earth. We also got introduced to the TV show presenter, Lucy, a seasoned TV host from shows like Homes Under The Hammer. She was very kind, patient, and genuinely interested in what we do.

Customers reactions

The initial reactions when they saw and opened the box of Nimble products were very positive. They loved the branding, the look of the products and our proposition of being child-friendly. Despite being relatively new products, they immediately understood what Milk Buster, Sticky Stopper and Laundry Lover are for. What a relief!

They started showing us the reactions while they were using the products, and to my heart’s delight and relief, the responses were all very positive. The products worked and did what they said on the tin. They used Milk Buster on their baby’s bottles, and they were impressed by how it took away the cloudiness and smelly odour.

Our Sticky Stopper got tested on some manky looking kitchen worktops with a wine stain, and you can see that the colour was getting dissolved before their very eyes. One couple didn’t have babies but tested our Laundry Lover on their dog’s poo, and it worked!! Phew! I was over the moon. Customers who didn’t know me as the founder loved our products, and win or lose, I knew I would go home a happy man.

The moment of truth

Finally, the total scores have been handed to Lucy in an Oscar or BAFTA looking golden envelope. She read the results out loud "............ And the winner of the episode with 43.5 points is Nimble!!!" Woooohoooo, yes, we won! I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better result.

We loved our experience on The Customer Is Always Right. In many ways, it’s contributed to the success we have today. Since appearing on the show, we have made quite a splash – so many new customers are coming to try our plant-based cleaning products. That’s the best result we could ever have asked for

Best, Von

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