Reusable Nappies vs Disposable Nappies: a complete guide

Reusable Nappies vs Disposable Nappies: a complete guide

When it comes to nappies, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not to go for reusable or disposable. Like with many other baby products on the market, there are so many different types and brands to choose from— it really can be more than a little daunting at first!

So, this week we’re hoping to settle the debate once and for all.

Which is best to use in 2022? Read on to find out what we think.

Reusable Nappies: the pros

Undeniably, reusable nappies are better for the environment because you wash and reuse them rather than throw them away to be sent to a landfill. Reusable nappies can work out cheaper in the long run as you buy once and then reuse them. The average family will save £2-500 using them.

Cloth nappies are less likely to cause skin irritations such as nappy rash for your little one. Reusable nappies are available in a range of funky designs and colours, with soft cloth inserts and easy fastening. How cute!

Disposable nappies: the pros 

Disposable nappies are easy to use and convenient, especially when you’re out and about or away on holiday. Many different brands, styles, and sizes are available to suit many budgets.

Disposable nappies are widely available in shops worldwide, so they are easy to get hold of if you find yourself in a pinch. They’re easy to transport in a changing bag, making them easy to use on the go. Some consider disposable nappies to be more sanitary as they are removed and discarded after use, then replaced by a clean nappy.

Reusable nappies: the cons

Some parents cannot make the initial upfront cost that reusable nappies require. They are considerably more expensive than disposable nappies. If the cost of cloth nappies is an issue, look into whether or not your local council runs a nappy library where you can borrow a kit to try. Look into local selling sites too, as a lot of families sell their nappies on when they’re no longer needed.

Reusable nappies can be less absorbent, so they may need changing more often. Reusable nappies need to be washed! The washing and drying takes time, energy and effort, so this is something to plan ahead.

Reusable nappies are bigger and bulkier than disposables, so some baby clothes won’t fit as loosely. Using reusable nappies on holiday requires a bit of planning to carry out successfully.

Disposable nappies: the cons

Disposable nappies end up in landfills, and the sad fact is that they do not decompose quickly. If disposable nappies aren’t emptied before discarding, the leftover poo lets off methane gas which contributes to greenhouse gases.

The sheer choice of disposable nappies can be overwhelming, and often families will need to shop around to find a brand that suits their baby. Some disposable nappies contain harsh chemicals and an absorbent ingredient that can cause nappy rash.

So which is best?

Here at Nimble HQ, we’re always striving to live as eco-consciously as possible. We want to make our carbon footprint smaller than ever in 2022, and we’d love to help more of you to do the same too. But it’s important to remember that this is your journey and yours alone.

Reusable nappies might be the right choice for one family, but not another. Suppose you find that disposable nappies are the best option for you. In that case, there are definitely other changes you can make to offset the potential environmental damage that disposable nappies can cause. Some brands of disposable nappies are more eco-friendly than others, so it’s always a good idea to shop around and do your research. Some families decide to use both, depending on the day-to-day situation, and that’s fine too.

Ultimately though, there’s no denying the facts. Reusable nappies are kinder to our planet, and if you can, give them a go! And don’t let the washing put you off… we’re here to help!

How do I even wash reusable nappies?

We felt very inspired by the new generation of eco-friendly parents, and we wanted to help them by creating a product that really addresses the cloth nappy mess and stains— and we know it can get messy! Our founder Von knows all about it, as they use reusable nappies for their 9-month old twin boys at home!.

Our Nappy Lover powder detergent is formulated to be completely free from skin-irritating allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners and dyes, so it is ideal for use on the delicate skin of little ones. Here are our top tips on how to use our Nappy Lover powder detergent

Get in touch if you have any questions- we’re always happy to help!


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