The ultimate hospital bag checklist

The ultimate hospital bag checklist

One of the most exciting things about preparing for a new baby indeed has to be packing the hospital bag, right? At least it signals that the end is near- not that we like to wish the time away, but finally getting ready to meet that little bundle of joy is unlike any other- but it also scratches another itch you may be experiencing— nesting!

But where to start? What do you actually need to take? And which ‘essentials’ really can be left behind on the big day? Read on to discover our top tips for building a hospital bag checklist- and do let us know what we’ve missed in the comments! 

It’s never too early to start preparing 

The unpredictability of most births means that the earlier you’re prepared and ready for anything, the better! It’s never too early to start getting things ready for the big day, so go for it!

Do your research

Do a google search, ask a friend or a relative, get to a Baby Show if you can… someone will always have a fantastic tip for you that might make all the difference when it comes to packing your bag. Parent-to-parent recommendations are often the best way to discover that a must-have hospital bag is essential! 

Make two lists …

… one for you, one for baby. Keep adding to the list as you go along and when it comes to packing your bag, tick them off, so you know you’ve got them all.

Keep it short and sweet

Although the prospect of the unknown can often result in the urge to pack everything but the kitchen sink, don’t be tempted to throw bits in ‘just in case’. Lots of new mums are in and out of hospital quite quickly, so pack light unless you know you’re in for a longer stay. If you end up staying longer, you can always send someone out to get the things you need. 

So, what to pack?

You’ll get different suggestions depending on who you speak to, but generally, there are some core items that you don’t want to forget when it comes to packing your hospital bag. Here are our recommendations:

For Mum:

  • Birth plan and notes

  • Nightie/ shirt to give birth in

  • Snacks and water bottles

  • Flip flops/ slippers

  • Phone charger

  • Hand band/ clips

  • Pillow

  • Maternity pads and knickers

  • Toiletries

  • Clothes to change into after the birth 

For the baby:

  • Nappies

  • Sleepsuit/ vests

  • Scratch mitts

  • Hat

  • Blanket

  • Muslin cloths

  • Reusable wipes

  • Bottles and accessories, if needed

  • Dummy, if needed

What are your top must-have hospital bag essentials? Comment them below!

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