Three Tips for Cleaning a Pet-Loving Home

Three Tips for Cleaning a Pet-Loving Home

April is National Pet Month and here at Nimble HQ we have to admit that we love our furry four-legged friends!

We’re huge advocates for the joy that owning a pet can bring to a family – the mental health benefits of simply stroking a cat are immense, not to mention the physical rewards that come from regular dog walks. We could talk all day about the reasons why you should consider a pet, but we’ll reign it in for now because we actually want to tackle another issue. Cleaning! Here are our top three tips for cleaning a pet-loving home safely and effectively. Let us know in the comments if you have any to add!

Keep your pets away from toxic cleaning products

First and foremost, this is our number one tip! Please, please make sure that the products you use to clean your home are not toxic to animals. Some harsh cleaners contain bleach and can be very harmful to pets, potentially causing burns to their paws if walked through, or throat and stomach if swallowed.

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know only too well how easily they seem to get into absolutely everything! Dogs and cats are naturally curious animals and the latter are known to drink from sinks and even to take naps in washing machines (yes, really!), so you really do need to keep this in mind. Keep cleaning products locked away out of reach, check appliances before you use them and, best of all, steer clear of toxic cleaning products. Here at Nimble we’re of the firm belief that cleaning products don’t need to be overly formulated with heavy duty industrial ingredients that can be harmful and toxic. Instead, go for products with a shorter ingredients label – like ours! All of our products are child-friendly which means theyre also pet friendly.

Keep your pets and their belongings clean

Outdoor cats and dogs that love walks can bring all kinds of ‘treasures’ into the house, so make sure you stay on top of grooming and keeping their blankets and beds clean – use Laundry Lover when you wash them to harness the power of coconut for a fresh and gentle finish.

Another good tip is to create a dedicated area in your home where you clean your dog after walks, so that you can minimise the mess a little – by the door is a great spot. Place a bathmat on top on you regular door mat to prevent wet paws being tracked through the house, and use our Sticky Stopper for any muddy prints that do find their way inside. Plus, this no-nonsense, no-nasties spray is great to use when the pet toys need a blitz too.

Keep on top of pet hair

Dog and cat owners will know this only too well, pets shed hair! Use a sticky roller to remove them from sofas and clothing, and perhaps look to invest in a really good quality vacuum cleaner specially designed to tackle pet hair. Microfibre mops are great to use on hard floors. Our advice? Be prepared to sweep more than once a day, especially if you have small children crawling around! It’s a good job we love our pets, hey?



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