5 Baby Bath Time Tips

5 Baby Bath Time Tips

Ask any parent, and they will tell you— the end is the best part of the day! We’re referring to bath time as such a special time to bond with your kiddo and get them ready for a good night’s sleep (hopefully!) However, nobody really teaches you how to bathe your baby safely or make it as easy as possible. There are some things you have to learn as you go along, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a helping hand. Here are our top five baby bath time tips— let us know what you think!

1. Get everything ready before you start

Make sure you have everything you need for a happy baby bath time before you even run the tap- a warm towel to wrap baby in, nappy and clothes for afterwards, equipment for night-time feed, a cushion or towel to kneel on, bath toys, etc.

This one is all the more important when you’re bathing young babies, as you’ll need two hands to do it safely. Tiny babies are very fidgety and slippery when they’re wet! It’s also good to make sure that the room is nice and warm to keep them as comfortable as possible.

2. Always follow safety guidance at bath time

Make sure you never leave your baby unattended during bath time, and never ask older siblings to supervise for even a moment. Always check the bathwater temperature, and swish it to disperse any hot spots before your baby gets in. It’s also recommended that you don’t overfill the bath too- see here for more guidance on safety at bath time. 

3. Clean bath toys regularly

This one is so important. Lots of bath toys collect water inside them, which promotes the growth of that yucky black gunk that you really don’t want your baby to get their hands (or mouth) on! It’s a good idea to inspect your bath toys before each bath time, clean them after every use, and ensure that you allow them to dry properly too. We recommend using our Sticky Stopper antibacterial spray to ensure your bath toys are sparkly clean and safe to use again and again. 

Make sure you squeeze the toys to remove any water lurking inside after playtime. Then spray, clean and airdry to be ready for the next time!

4. Make it fun! 

While we’re on the topic of toys (see tip 3), we want to enforce that bath time can be fun! Bath toys are a great way to enhance the experience, but you can also bring other items from around the house into the bathroom.

Explore playing with sieves, jugs, cups and other things. Play music, sing songs, create a captivating sensory experience with underwater lights… there are so many possibilities! Make bath time a part of the day that you and your baby looks forward to every day!

5. Practise swimming skills 

Did you know you can teach your baby some essential swimming skills at home in the tub? Use this time to help your baby gain confidence in the pool by gently pouring water over their head at bath time and encouraging them to blow bubbles in the water when older. Praise them each time they learn a new trick, using lots of positive feedback and smiles!

 What are your top bath time tips for parents? We love hearing from you all! Please share in the comments, or let us know over on Facebook and Instagram.

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