Why should you stop buying baby clothes? The benefits of renting, in partnership with Bundlee

Why should you stop buying baby clothes? The benefits of renting, in partnership with Bundlee

Hi Nimble friends,

You know it, we’re all about washing baby clothes effectively again and again to provide easy solutions for parents. Looking at ways to further reduce our impact, it got us thinking more widely about the baby clothing industry.

With little ones outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, it can quickly get very expensive and feels horrible seeing so many barely worn clothes go to waste! Did you know that 50,000 tonnes of clothing goes into landfills in the UK each and every year?

What’s more, there’s an estimated 183 million unworn items of baby and children’s clothing piled up in wardrobes across the UK. It feels like an crazy number, doesn’t it?  

With so much going to waste or unworn we started looking for better, planet-friendly solutions for dressing the small ones in our lives.

What if the solution was simply to stop buying baby clothes?

We got chatting with our friends from Bundlee, to talk about how to sustainably raise our families, and all the benefits of renting baby clothes!


First things first - What is Bundlee and how does it work?


Bundlee is the UK’s first rental service for baby clothes. By signing up with Bundlee subscription plan, you can receive a set of clothes according to your little one’s size and the season. Then just like magic, conveniently swap clothes as they grow.

No more storing, sorting and finding friends to hand down to…phew!

So, “what’s in it for you? “– we hear you say…

Benefit #1 - Save the planet

With sustainability at the core, Bundlee provide a better alternative for parents. Clothes that are returned are professionally cleaned and sanitised before being shared with the next renting family. Bundlee’s model reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 86% – pretty amazing! 

By trying out Bundlee for a month, you’ll save 7kg of CO2 emissions, helping to create a better future for your little one to grow into. 


Benefit #2 – Easy to organise

Because we know that, when little one is here, life is going to get busy, you can pre-order your Bundlee up to 6 months in advance of your due date. They’ll help make sure you have what you need for those early weeks.


Benefit #3 – Save space!

Just send the set back when your baby grows (before you know it!) and they’ll send you out the next size up. No storing clothes for them to grow into or packing away tiny baby clothes into the loft…ah peace in your home… well at least in your wardrobes 😉


Benefit #4 – Save money

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Preparing for baby can be expensive – so it just makes sense to save money wherever you can!

For just £24 or £39 a month, you get access to the best quality baby clothes without the cost (or guilt) of buying new. First-time parents spend on average £997 on clothing in baby’s first year* – By renting clothes, you’ll spend on average £378 in one year. That’s a saving of £619 in the first year alone!


Benefit #5 – No compromise on the quality

Bundlee is a great way to get amazing quality clothes from some of our favourite premium sustainable kidswear brands including MORI, Mini Rodini, Patagonia and Stella McCartney while saving up to 75% on RRP.


We’ve got a lovely offer from Bundlee to share with you all. Use code NIMBLE100 when you check out at bundlee.co.uk and you’ll get your first month free…(that can count as one more reason 😉)


*Study by ErgoBaby

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