Invest Thank You

Thank you for pre-registering.

Thank you so much for pre-registering for our crowdfunding campaign and helping us launch with a bang in 375 Sainsbury's stores! Very exciting times and lots of activities going on now. 

We are aiming to go live to the public on the 11th November. 

 But because you have pre-registered, you will have a SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE access to our private launch on the 8th November so you can invest ahead of everyone and secure your spot as a Nimble investor. 

So you're ahead of the game, please make sure you've signed up as an investor on Crowdcube before the 8th November. It's very easy to do and should not take you more than 5 minutes. 

We will keep in touch again in the coming days, particularly when the private page is ready. In the meantime, please tell your family and friends about our campaign, and also don't forget to sign up with Crowdcube. 

Thank you very much and have a great day ahead! 



(a.k.a. Mr. Nimble)