March Product Spotlight: Nimble Sticky Stopper

March Product Spotlight: Nimble Sticky Stopper

Introducing our super versatile antibacterial surface cleaner, Sticky Stopper.

The perfect tool to safely clean and disinfect toys, highchairs, changing mats, potties, prams, car seats, jumperoos and all other surfaces your baby comes in to contact with.

Unlike other surface cleaners out there, our Sticky Stopper is bleach-free yet still proven to kill 99.9% of germs leaving you with the peace of mind that no chemical nasties have been left behind in the cleaning process.

So how do we do it?

Coconut-based surfactants dissolve sticky and greasy residues while lactic acid, a natural disinfectant derived from fermented corn, kills germs by instantly breaking the bacteria’s defensive walls.

Do you need to use it in any special way?

Nope! Simply spray directly onto the surface you want to clean, wipe the foam across the surface with a clean cloth then leave to dry. Easy 😊

Try our Sticky Stopper for yourself and we guarantee it will quickly become the most valuable player in your plant-based cleaning line up!


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